I have just returned from the most incredible, inspirational and aspiring 3 day trip in Coronado, California.  I attended Kevin Hall’s “Discovering Your Purpose Through The Power Of Words, Genshai Life Mastery Retreat” as a part of his support team. Kevin, author of “Aspire” is a dear friend.  I have attended Kevin’s events many times, but this one was the greatest of all!

Genshai is a word Kevin has in his book; it is in the first chapter as the “Secret Word”.  Genshai, coming from an ancient Hindu word, means never treating someone in a manner that makes them feel small, including yourself.  That was a hard one for me to swallow not quite 2 years ago. It was always myself that I treated small, which in turn led me to treat others that way.  When I understood the word, it became MY word. Now I work very hard to practice Genshai daily, each day of my life.  I wear the word around my neck on a necklace I had made, and it is on my Utah license plate. (Pictured above)

At the Genshai Life Mastery, we had the greatest of the greats including:
Dave Winfield: Hall Of Fame baseball player.

Stedman Graham: Founder of the My Life Is About Foundation (yes,  Oprah’s main squeeze!)

Immacule’e Ilibagiza: Author of Left To Tell, Discovering God Amidst the Rwandan Holocaust.  

Thurl Bailey: Charismatic announcer for the Utah Jazz basketball team, & former NBA player  with a voice of velvet.

Chad Hymas: An incredible man whose accident left him a paraplegic and now travels around the world to inspire others.

Lisa Nichols: Co-Author of The Secret

We also enjoyed very special surprise guest,  Pravin Cherkoori, who has the guest book of the book of greats, in his shop in Vienna.  Kevin entered this shop a few years ago and it changed the course of Kevin’s life. Pravin is in Aspire’s  first chapter. It was Pravin who would forever change Kevin and those who are put on Kevin’s path with the word GENSHAI.  Meeting Pravin  gave Kevin the first word for writing the first chapter in Aspire.   In that book of greats, the signature of Mother Teresa and Viktor Frankl exist, and now so does mine.  In true Genshai, Pravin gave each of us in attendance the honor to sign his book of greats!

Each and every guest brought with them the same underlying message to the many of us that attended. This  included about a dozen very special teens from Utah, as well as a school in San Diego.  That message was of four things: Hope, Faith, Perseverance and Forgiveness.   
When we walked away from the three days, my heart was full of joy, abundance and the knowledge that each one of us who attended had a much greater purpose than when we arrived.

What is that purpose? It is to be a world changer, to make a difference, and to love our brothers and sisters no matter what color their skin is, their beliefs, or their religion.  We are all children of God. We all have our silent battles, challenges and demons.  BUT we all can have HOPE, FAITH, PERSEVERANCE and eventually FORGIVENESS.  As Gandhi said, we can “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

I invite you to write the word Genshai on your mirror, on a piece of paper and hang it on your wall, put it in your wallet or handbag.  Remind yourself everyday that this word is going to change everything about you and those you meet.  When you treat yourself great, not only do others treat you the same, but you also treat others in the same manner.

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