Break Through Blocks, Climb That Mountain!

During a 3 full day David Neagle event in Salt Lake City, we watched the video “I’m Alive” about the Chilean Soccer Team that crashed in the Andes Mountains. After watching, I started to reflect about the challenges we are each faced with daily, and the things that take immeasurable strength to move forward with in life. Unlike the 2 men, who walked out of the Andes with no real means of survival other than the strong will and perseverance to die trying instead of die doing nothing, I started to wonder what I would do and where I would stop and what do I think about when I have to make a decision.

Where do you stop? What keeps us stuck in that “fuselage” where it is safe?

We all have choices. Choices lead us through a journey of twists and turns that ultimately move us forward, sometimes kicking and screaming, but when we get to that destination and we look back on that journey that we have just been on and we realize that it was all for a reason. Each step forward gives us clarity and confidence. We begin to take baby steps of removing our limited beliefs that keep us repeating the same patterns over and over and keeping right where we are.

Here are 10 things we can ask ourselves in times of turmoil, self-doubt and Mountainconfusion to help guide us out of that fuselage toward the top of the mountain where we can see our future awaiting.

1. What am I not seeing? Where is my blind spot?

2. Am I afraid of the changes or am I afraid to be wrong?

3. What is the very worst that can happen if I move forward?

4. Am I focusing on the problem or the solution?

5. Am I letting other’s input cloud my own judgment or intuition or am I using it to guide me?

6. What patterns am I experiencing time and time again to bring me back to this point?

7. What would happen if I took my life back?

8. How bad do I want the changes?

9. Can I accept the responsibility without excuses to know my decision is my own?

10. If I make the decision and it is still not right, I KNOW I can always correct my course and make another decision and another if need be, knowing each one is moving me away from my situation and one step further to where I want to go.

Take time and think of each one of these when something blocks you from making that decision or moving forward. Also, realize that support is a wonderful tool. You have to DO it alone, but you do not have to DO IT BY YOURSELF. If we allow ourselves to see where we are, then we will allow ourselves to make the changes to see where we want to be. Because you are WORTH it!


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