5 Key Components of a Confident Person

Today as I was deciding on what to write for my newsletter, the word confidence kept popping into my mind. When I looked up the meaning through Webster’s Dictionary this is what I found:

1: a: feeling or consciousness of one’s powers or of reliance on one’s circumstances b: faith or belief that one will act in a right, proper, or effective way

2: the quality or state of being certain

3: a relation of trust or intimacy b : reliance on another’s discretion c : support especially in a legislative body

4: a communication made in confidence: secret

How often do we find ourselves at a loss of confidence? Just because we have a loss of confidence does not mean we have a chronic case of low self-esteem. Having low self-esteem often allows us not to feel good about yourself or your accomplishments. Those with chronic low self-esteem generally feed bad about themselves all the time.

When we find ourselves in a space that we are suffering from low self confidence, it usually is more a mindset that we have fallen victim to, and continually repeat as a pattern. Sometimes the patterns are unconscious, so we repeat them over and over not realizing we are doing, but ultimately we get the same results Confidence is all persuasive, as it shows up in every aspect of our lives. It is in the way we view ourselves, the way we see the world, how we deal with and approach critical situations in our lives, the way we treat others, and more importantly the way we treat ourselves.

Having true confidence is an incredible feeling of freedom, as it gives you the ability of self-love and self –acceptance which then flows into our self-esteem. When we are happy within and love ourselves first, then we do not need or seek the approval of anyone. Our belief in our self is so powerful, that with any dissatisfaction or even failure of things we have in our life, we look at it as a learning experience and the lesson to be able to fail forward!

Here are 5 key components of a confident person:

1) Self Love

To love yourself unconditionally allows those that surround you to do the same. You attract those that are like you. You have self love and self acceptance in all areas of your life. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t room for self-growth or improvement; there absolutely is, but it is always looked at to be positive growing experience to accept who we are in every sense of the word.

2) Self-Belief

Self belief comes with the ability to see what is truly possible! Since the universe is our limit, we can be unstoppable and fearless if we just believe in our self, We can remove those limited beliefs that show up as a block or barrier to undermine what we are truly capable of achieving, The ability to cope with crises that shows up in life, would be handled calmly and effectively, just because you believe that you can. This is the main difference between someone who is confident and a person with low- confidence. A confident person has the power to choose how they want things affect them and how to handle it in their life. A low-confident person, will rely on others to fix it for them or just make it go away.

3) Comfortable In Their Own Skin

Confident people are confident in their own skin. They show up with that confidence wearing it proudly, When they enter the room, they give a feeling of belonging and owning their presence. They give an aura that you want to meet them, get to know them. They have value to give to others, and leave others better for just having met them. They love who they are, and do not wish to be anyone else. They do not seek other’s approval to be who they wish to be. They are natural leaders, and others look to them to inspire them and set forth great things in motion.

4) Self-Awareness

Confident people know their potential and are always striving to push their comfort zone out just a bit more. They also know their limitations, and they identify their strengths and do not dwell on the negatives, but instead turn them into useful tools to enable them to move forward or even change direction if need be.. They know that they are unique human beings and that they are worthy, capable and enough, to stand in their decisions and be empowered in both their strengths as well as their weaknesses. But, to use their weaknesses as a guidepost instead of a hitching post to continue boosting their achievements and own personal self development.

5) Happiness

Confident people are truly happy with their lives. They seem to always want to see the glass half full instead of half empty. When they do have a time where they are down, it is brief and they are back up and embracing life once again. They are content with themselves, and confident with whom they are, which allows them to be happy, cheerful and with a smile that can light up a room! They do not let setbacks define them, they get up, brush themselves off and tackle the situation or problem at hand to reclaim their happy life. Keeping their eye on the goal and continuing on the journey as well as on the path of happiness and contentment.

When we stop tolerating things that do not allow us to be magnificent and instead focus on the things that allow us to grow, by removing the clutter from our environment and our minds; we then show up powerfully! We realize that each experience gives us the foundation to be that self-confident person we are meant to be and by clearing the space to practice the five tips above, will allow us to see who we are…. A confident, happy, incredible YOU!

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